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TASS PVL TASS PVL on Intel DevMesh



TASS PVL is an open source version of the technology used to power TASS that allows developers to create their own IoT connected, Artficially Intelligent Assistant. TASS PVL utilizes the Intel® Computer Vision SDK Beta to bring industry standard computer vision to the project. TASS PVL can connect to either an Intel® Realsense camera or a webcam via USB.


First, TASS PVL detects if there is a face, or faces, present in the frames passed to it from the camera, and if so passes the frames through the computer vision algorythm to determine whether the face is a known person or an intruder. In the event of a known person or intruder, TASS PVL communicates with the IoT JumpWay which can then communicate with IoT devices and applications based on predefined rules, for instance, controlling other devices on the network or raising alarms in applications etc.



TASS PVL uses the following Intel technologies:


  • Intel® Core i7 NUC
  • Intel® Computer Vision SDK Beta
  • Intel® Realsense (R200,F200)



The IoT connectivity is managed by the TechBubble IoT JumpWay, the TechBubble Technologies IoT PaaS which primarily, at this point, uses secure MQTT protocol. Rules can be set up that can be triggered by sensor values/warning messages/device status messages and identified known people or intruder alerts. These rules allow connected devices to interact with each other autonomously, providing an automated smart home/business environment.



TASS PVL uses the Intel Computer Vision SDK Beta to provide the system with Artificial Intelligence. For other uses of A.I. used in TASS Hub, follow this link.



The IntelliLan Management Console/Applications are essentially IoT JumpWay applications, capable of controlling all IntelliLan devices on their network and communicating with the IoT JumpWay. Users can use the console and manage their devices using their voice which is powered by TIA, an A.I. agent developed to assist home and business owners to use TechBubble web and IoT systems.


TASS PVL on GitHub




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